September 15, 2013


Since the last post, I've finished the ring that was shown in the previous post. So here is a picture of it after being set and polished.

When that was finished, I made another ring. I used reticulation for the first time. This is when you try to heat the silver so that it melts a little bit and creates an interesting texture but doesn't melt completely. The little beads were made by melting small bits of silver. I created another texture on the ring shank, which is the bit that is on your finger by hammering it with a raising hammer.

At the moment I'm doing an evening class, one day a week. I'm working on a wax ring at the moment. I will post pictures when it is finished. I will probably get it cast in silver. This is the first time that I've made anything using wax so it is interesting to see what processes are the same as using silver and what processes are different. 

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