July 15, 2011

Dun Laoghaire

I was out with the Dublin sketchers for the first time in ages on Sunday. The destination was Dun Laoghaire. It did rain for a little while but not so long that I wanted to head indoors.

There was a regatta on over the weekend almost it was more or less over by the time we got there. However I did manage to get a sketch done of a few of the boats before they returned to the harbour. There is also a lifeboat and a jet skier in this picture.

I drew this boat because the colours caught my eye.

This is the top of the bandstand. A few people drew the bandstand although I didn't see them there when I was there. I think that it is a nice, quaint structure.

June 28, 2011

Dublin sketchers recently had their second annual exhibition which happened at Sol Gallery on Dawson street and I had two of my drawings on display as part of this exhibition. Some of the other sketchers sold their work which is great news. The first sketch was the picture above which was of the animals on display at the Natural History Museum. The two on the left came from previous sketches while the ones on the right were from photos I took. I think that most people seemed to be like the monkey the most.

The second picture was from a photo that I took at Dun Laoghaire Festival of world cultures 2010. The girl was a samba dancer from Brazil. 
It was great to have my work on display in a real gallery and hopefully I can exhibit again next year with a bit more work and hopefully they will be a better quality although I did put a lot of effort into these drawings.

February 14, 2011

Wedding Poem

One thing that I used to do was write poems. They were mostly cheesy and were usually written either because I was bored or just felt annoyed or frustrated and wanted to express that.Anyway since its Valentines Day, I thought i'd share one I wrote a few years ago when a friend got married. It might be too cheesy or something but I guess some people might have read one or two cheesy rhymes on valentines cards anyway, so whats one more?

Wedding Wishes
I know there will be many good wishes coming your way,
But I just wanted to say that I hope your wedding is a wonderful day
I hope that you'll always have good memories to share
and that you'll always have good friends near
I hope that the good times will surpass the bad
and that you'll be there for one another when times are sad,
I hope that you'll always be happy
A union like yours is such a wonderful thing to see.
I hope that as the years pass, your love will remain strong,
And together you can through anything that comes along.
May you always be surrounded by beautiful things
And enjoy all the pleasures that life brings,
The best of everything I wish for you
And I hope that your marriage will be a dream come true.


I wanted to add something to my blog because I haven't been on it for a while and so I decided to look through some of the photos I took last year. I'm always taking random photos and every so often I'll loook through some old ones. This one was taken in November from my house. I like the different colours that you get in a sunset. Anyway, I hope that you like the picture.