February 14, 2011

Wedding Poem

One thing that I used to do was write poems. They were mostly cheesy and were usually written either because I was bored or just felt annoyed or frustrated and wanted to express that.Anyway since its Valentines Day, I thought i'd share one I wrote a few years ago when a friend got married. It might be too cheesy or something but I guess some people might have read one or two cheesy rhymes on valentines cards anyway, so whats one more?

Wedding Wishes
I know there will be many good wishes coming your way,
But I just wanted to say that I hope your wedding is a wonderful day
I hope that you'll always have good memories to share
and that you'll always have good friends near
I hope that the good times will surpass the bad
and that you'll be there for one another when times are sad,
I hope that you'll always be happy
A union like yours is such a wonderful thing to see.
I hope that as the years pass, your love will remain strong,
And together you can through anything that comes along.
May you always be surrounded by beautiful things
And enjoy all the pleasures that life brings,
The best of everything I wish for you
And I hope that your marriage will be a dream come true.

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