June 28, 2011

Dublin sketchers recently had their second annual exhibition which happened at Sol Gallery on Dawson street and I had two of my drawings on display as part of this exhibition. Some of the other sketchers sold their work which is great news. The first sketch was the picture above which was of the animals on display at the Natural History Museum. The two on the left came from previous sketches while the ones on the right were from photos I took. I think that most people seemed to be like the monkey the most.

The second picture was from a photo that I took at Dun Laoghaire Festival of world cultures 2010. The girl was a samba dancer from Brazil. 
It was great to have my work on display in a real gallery and hopefully I can exhibit again next year with a bit more work and hopefully they will be a better quality although I did put a lot of effort into these drawings.

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