December 18, 2012

Lots of sketches 2012

I did quite a few sketches this year and now I'm finally getting around to uploading some of them. I'd like to have them up on the blog before the end of the year so there may be a few big posts over the next two weeks. 
The above sketch was copied from a photograph of a tattoo that I saw it. I liked the tattoo because it was simple but individual and expressive.


The first time that I met up with the Dublin sketchers was in 2010 at the Viking Festival at Wood Quay.   The drawing of the man was drawn then but I only added colour to it earlier in the year. The lady was a sketch I drew this year but it was from a photo from the 2010 festival


These are mostly of statues and ornaments around the house and garden. The swans were drawn from a photograph taken at St Stephens Green Park. The picture at the end is a self portrait although it doesn't really look me. 

In June, I participated in the Dublin Sketchers annual exhibition. This year the exhibition took place at the Drawing Room, Dun Laoghaire. It was a good space as there was lots of wall space and it was quite bright. The four pictures below are the sketches that I had in the exhibition.
The above sketch was drawn at Collins Barracks. They have a room full of japenese prints and the women came from 2 different images on display there. I meant to go back and put some detail into the woman on the right but it never happened. I like the contrast of black and white anyway so maybe she doesn't need the extra detail.

 War Memorial Gardens

Maritime Museum



Earlier in the year, the Chester Beatty Library had a temporary exhibition which had photos of chinese people. The above sketch was of a photo of a chinese bride.

This is a little bit of detail from a robe. There was so much detail in the robe- this is just a very small part.

This is from a poster they have explaining some of the history of art deco illustrations.

The above picture is from a scroll. The scroll is several metres long and shows different scenes that tell a story. It is meant to show a poetry contest where all the contestants are depicted as different animals. I think the above is from the scene of the preparations before the contest.

For the above sketch, I was looking at a painting called the language of flowers. The painting is actually blue and black but I wanted to do something different so I used brighter colours. 

This is from a life-size buddha statue. 

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