December 31, 2012

More sketches from 2012

Here are lots of sketches that I did in 2012.


The above picture shows the madness that is the shelves in my room. They are organised although it might  not seem that way in this picture. Most of the stuff on these shelves are ornaments and jewellery boxes.

I have a thick book on art that my sister gave me. One day I was looking through it and I decided to try sketching one. The picture that I ended up sketching was "Dancing at Bougival" by Renoir. I didn't want to copy it exactly so I changed some of the colours and I used pencil for the background to make the dancers stand out more.


I mentioned in my last post I participated in Dublin Sketchers exhibition in June. As part of the exhibition, we created a drawing wall where anyone coming to the exhibition could add their own drawing. It was in front of the window so you could see it from the street which is pretty cool.  As the wall was so large,  it was hard to photo all of the detail in one go. I made a collage on picasa from the photos, which is the first picture which gives some idea as to the amount of detail that was on the wall. I was looking at various photos of people on the wall so drew a few people from photographs.

The bigger galleries in Dublin are free to enter so the Dublin sketchers often visit them, especially when the weather is miserable. These are a few drawings I did in 2012 of paintings hanging in Hugh Lane Gallery and the National Gallery.
The Little Sea Maid                                                                                 The Cottage Girl
 by Henry Clarke                                                                                      by Thomas Gainsborough

Un Matin                                                                              
by William Leech                                                                        
                                                                                                           Sutton Courtenay
                                                                                                           by George William Russell

                                         Lavacairt Under Snow by Claude Monet

                                            The Winged Horse by George William Russell

The last outing of the Dublin Sketchers in 2012 was to a Christmas flea market in Smithfield. I found the flea market too crowded to try drawing there so I decided to go to the nearby Lighthouse Cinema. I was going to try drawing the cafe or bar area but then I saw a big poster of Les Misérables so I decided to try to draw the actors. The drawings don't really look like the photos but I guess it is a bit of practice of drawing people.


The Street Performace World Championship is a popular event that takes place in Merrion Square for 3 or 4 days every summer. This year the Dublin sketchers decided to go along to it. I decided to go over to the music stage as it is an area where everyone is just chilling and having picnics so I was able to find a space to sit down where I could sketch some of the musicians.


The statue on the left is in Hugh Lane Gallery but I don't know who made it or its title. The middle one one is Jardinére with Puttos and Sea Monster by the workshop of Andrea Brustolon. The last one is the Children of Lir statue in the Garden of Rememberance. The picture below may not look like a sculpture   but it was a wire sculpture that was in the Botanic Gardens as part of the Sculpture in Context event they have every year there. It was part of a scene that included another 2 or 3 figures. The set was called the Bathers and was by Helen Walsh.

The national history museum on Kildare street has lots of nice artefacts to draw but the building itself is also very nice and parts are quite ornate. The railing on the mezzaine is quite interesting. This is my drawing of a portion of the railing.
This is an interesting table. The angel figures are what caught my eye and led me to draw it.  In its information it is described as a electrotype reproduction of a tripod cast in Italy in 1870.


The left picture was drawn in the cafe of the National Art Gallery while the right was drawn on a rainy day in the grounds of Trinity College. You would think that since I have studied Interior Design that I would have better skills at drawing perspective but I definitely need to practice. Although I guess it is also a long time since I studied it and I never worked in that area.

Swenys is a pharmacy that was mentioned in Ulysees by James Joyce. It is really a small room that is like a miniature museum. Dublin sketchers go there once or twice a year although it does be quite packed with all of us there. I have only been there once but here are some sketches.

The bottom left sketch was copied from an illustration that was in a diary that had different images of James Joyce or inspired by him. The bottom right is from a photograph on the wall while the other pictures are of ornaments and sweets in Swenys.

This was drawn from a photo in a leaflet for a company that does sailing lessons or something like that.

Dr Sketchys are a group that does life drawing in a fun and quirky way. It was dreamt up by an new york artist called Molly Crabapple. The original group is in New York but there are groups in lots of different cities around the world including Dublin. One of the ways that its different from other life drawing is that the models aren't naked. The Dublin one takes place on the last Saturday of every month except for December. Each session has a different theme. There is a variety of poses and you start off by doing a few one minute sketches then a few two minute sketches then five, ten and twenty minutes sketches. There is often a burlesque or cabaret perfomance that is 5 or 10 minutes long in between the ten minute and twenty minute sketches. As the session goes on the the models wear less so for the one and two minute sketches they might wear dresses then change into corsets for the 5 and 10 minute poses then knickers and nipple tassles for the twenty minute poses.The models pick their favorite drawings and the winners get either Tequila or a cupcake. I have been to five of the sessions although the last one was in May. I hope to attend some more in 2013. 


The first Dr Sketchys that I attended was in 2011 and had a beach picnic theme. I won a cupcake for the drawing on the right. Apologies for the dust and marks on these sketches. I may come back and try and edit them at some stage so that they are clearer.

At the next session I was at, the theme was Black and White Christmas.



The great expectations theme wasn't my favorite in terms of music or the clothes worn by the models but I did produce one of my favorite sketches so far which is the final one here.

Thats it for my marathon of a blog post. Thanks, if you made it through all the writing and pictures. Next time, it will most likely be a much shorter post.

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