January 17, 2013


The crafts council run a jewellery skills course which I am hoping to get onto this year. I am planning on attending a few weekend jewellery courses between now and when the interviews take place in June so that I can have the best chance of getting a place. I have tried twice before to get onto the course so I am hoping that it is third time lucky. I attended a workshop last weekend and I made the pendant shown below. It did take longer than planned to make this pendant but I think that was partially because I was out of practise. The design isn't based on anything specific although the teacher did think that it reminded her of ribs and someone else said it looked like a fish.  

The stone used here is malachite. Sorry for poor quality of photo- it is something I need to improve at.


  1. I love this pendant Mandy!! How much?! ;-))

    1. This one is actually a birthday present for my sister.