January 27, 2013

First few sketches of 2013

This sketch was the first of the year and it was done on the 1st of January.

Two random ones...

Today was my first outing of the year with the Dublin sketchers. We went to the National Art Gallery so here is the sketches from today. The one on the left is a statue- Girl reading by Patrick Macdowell. The one on the right is one of the walls in the cafe of the gallery.


The next sketch is from a painting- Le Corsage Noir (the black corsage) by Berthe Merisot.

The Gallery is going to be doing some refurbishments over the next 3 years. They have a room at the poster with posters explaining what they are hoping to do. There is also a wooden model of the gallery. Here is a drawing of the model- the perspective is a bit off though. 

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